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Home Plumbing Projects Ponte Vedra Beach Purification System Project

Ponte Vedra Beach Purification System Project

Ponte Vedra Beach Purification System

Last month, we received a call from a customer complaining that they were experiencing low water pressure, as well as having water spots all over their fine China and wine glasses after coming out of dishwasher. They had also noticed that the water pressure had dropped off in shower when another plumbing fixture was turned on.

They've recently purchased a home in the Payasada Estates - a small upscale gated community in Ponte Vedra Beach. Based on the information that was given, we started with a water softener. In this case, the previous owners had purchased water softeners from a local hardware store. And, as in most cases, they had undersized the amount needed due pricing concerns.

Our Plumbing Experts Can Purify Your Florida Water!

For this project, the customer also wanted the water to be drinkable, as the chlorine aftertaste was overwhelming. We recommended and installed KDF-55 6/ stage fluid treatment system, which helps to remove chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. This also helps to control algae, scale, and bacteria, even in hot water.

With that being said, most plumbers would absolutely recommend that you should never drink or gargle hot water from a faucet connected to a hot water heater, due to corroded pipes potentially containing harmful chemicals.

This whole house purification system consisted of a Clack WBC1 5 button valve control, regen on demand, and 1-28 override system, Thermax cation Exchange Resin, KDF-55 in a 6/stage Campro system, Clack 13' x 54' inner poly tank and #20 red flint filter gravel; a true premium whole house purification system. The estimated life of this system is 10-12 years, before rebedding of the water softener is needed.

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL