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What To Know About Chemical-Free Water Softeners For Your Nocatee Home

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Chemical-free water softeners work in different ways to reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in hard water. Do you have a hard water problem in your Nocatee house? If so, you may see floating particles in a glass of water, scum all over the shower door, and a chalky substance left on your dishes after the dishwasher runs. This is because of the calcium and magnesium in the water.

Calcium and magnesium ions in water carry a positive charge. This positive charge is what makes the minerals stick to surfaces like your tub, sink, toilet, and the inside of your plumbing pipes. Chemical-Free Water Softeners will change how these ions behave so they either move through the water differently. This descaling effect makes your water soft.

If you have a hard water problem in Nocatee and need more information about chemical-free water softeners, call Steven's Plumbing. One of our experienced Nocatee plumbers would be happy to assist you.

How Ion Exchange Water Softeners Work

Ion exchange water softeners are another chemical-free water softener solution for your Nocatee home. Instead of just forcing water through a filter or membrane, the ion exchange water softener exchanges the calcium and magnesium ions to sodium ions so that they dissolve in the water rather than stick to surfaces. Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water carry a positive charge. This is a good choice in a chemical-free water softener if you have hard water.

How Magnetic Water Softeners Work

Unlike salt systems, magnetic water softeners are a chemical-free water softener system. The magnetic water softeners use a magnetic field to trap particles as water is passed through the system. The magnetic field is generated by electromagnetic coils which can remove sediments that make water hard.

There haven't been any well-controlled scientific studies to prove that magnetic water treatment systems are an effective solution. They are supposed to reduce the surface charge on small particles like calcium and magnesium to increase their tendency to coagulate into larger particles that will flow over surfaces rather than stick to them as scale.

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